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SDK Download

SDK below is required for development of app. Please download this after checking OS.

ADLIB Publisher Solution

ADLIB Mediation

ADLIB is firstly released mediation platform connecting app developer and ad network in Korea.
In past, app developer should integrate each platform with each app. ADLIB was born to streamline complicated development process. You don’t have to spend time on complex integration if you’ve only to download ADLIB SDK.

ADLIB improves the fill-rate meaning rate of successful ad display upon request.
For example, if you can’t achieve the goal of fill-rate using A company’s network, ADLIB finally meet almost 100% of fill rate by displaying B, C, D companies’ networks.

ADLIB RTB Exchange

Adlib SSP is operated by RTB(Real Time Bidding) system.
When SSP requests an ad, RTB automatically sends the highest priced ad after comparing prices of other ads DSP suggests.
Existing system sends the suitable ad response to the fixed ad price SSP suggests.  
RTB exchange puts ads up at auction real time and displays an ad finally auctioned off through transparent and automatic process.

Among many domestic mobile platforms, adlib is clearly the best in terms of its RTB based structure. The power of adlib comes from outstanding technology no one can copy. You can monetize from quality media inventory through RTB exchange.

ADLIB ad management/ real time tracking report

Adlib provides completely full report. Don’t have to receive separate report for each Platform.
Banner, Interstitial, Pop Banner etc. broken down by traffic, performance. Real time click report and reward banner report on monthly by sales.

Management page is also simple. No need to redistribute the App AS you can interface from Management page, and change the order of display to initiate interface

ADLIB ad products

Native Ad
Native Ad
App/Multiple Device various display setting for Native Ad
Different size changes within the main content
Video Ad
Video Ad
640*360 (Multiple size setting available with the format)
Floating type/Position change available
CPC / CPM / CPV Available
320 x 50 Size
CPC / CPM Available
띠/전면 배너
App/Multiple Device various display setting for Interstitial
Time targeting, exclusive, CPM setting is available.
띠/전면 배너
POP Banner
375*280 (Can flexibly change the height to meet the needs)
Floating type/Position change available
Not only normal images but can also utilize the video banner