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Features of ADLIB

Adlib provides advertisers with optimized solution through efficient targeting.

ADLIB Targeting technology

ADLIB Targeting technology

Adlib analyzes more than 1 million click logs a day and categorize users into game, shopping, automobile groups by key words related to advertisers based on their interests.

When new ad campaign starts, the ad is firstly displayed to specific group consisting of users with same interest. Frequency of display and ad efficiency are automatically managed on user base. Up your ad efficiency and down the cost with adlib targeting service ‘Picky’.

ADLIB Statistics

ADLIB Statistics

Adlib has more female users in demographic scale. Therefore, you can have more impactful results if you proceed ad campaign targeting female customer.

Adlib ad category is becoming more diversified into shopping and other types of advertising and not just limited to game ad.

ADLIB Market place

ADLIB Market place

Advertiser can proceed efficient ad marketing by selecting media that uses adlib and displaying ad on it firstly.
Whole series of process is managed by RTB system. This also helps developers to maximize their profit.

ADLIB Advertiser Solution

ADLIB targeting solution – PICKY

‘Picky’ is the only personalized ad solution to provide recommendable ad optimized to user interest by analyzing click data in Korea.

Picky, based on its own statistics system, collects users’ ad response data and group them by similarity. Picky extracts algorithm using behavior pattern by each campaign. Picky then forecasts which ad user has an interest and displays optimized ad to each user group.

For example, a normal user who clicked on ‘Spiderman’ ad will watch more hero movie ads such as Iron man or X man. Also, cost saving solution ‘picky’ maximize ad efficiency by automatic management of display frequency on user base. Besides, picky can proceed negative targeting to users who never install app and retargeting for inducing to purchase to users who already installed app.

Picky is
– User grouping after extracting algorithm by analyzing user’s ad click data and displaying the most optimized ad to each user group.
– Improvement of ad efficiency by increasing user parameter based on grouping by similarity unlike existing targeting decreasing user parameter.
View picky demo »

Improvement of CVR through finding pattern of purchase behavior in vertical category :: Shopping [Fashion/Seasonal products]

ADLIB RTB exchange

ADLIB DSP is operated by RTB(Real Time Bidding) system.
When SSP requests an ad, RTB automatically sends the highest priced ad after comparing prices of other ads DSP suggests.
Existing system sends the suitable ad answering to the fixed ad price SSP suggests.  

RTB exchange puts ads up at auction real time and displays an ad finally auctioned off through transparent and automatic process.

Advertiser can increase ad efficiency since he can display an ad on the media expected to have the highest click rate through RTB system.

Especially, ad space with relatively low efficiency rate gets lower bidding price than existing fixed price since RTB system is thoroughly run by market economy logic.

Among many domestic mobile platforms, ADLIB is absolutely the best in terms of its RTB based structure. The power of ADLIB comes from technology no one can copy. You can monetize from quality media inventory through RTB exchange.

Integration with well known global partners can be done in milliseconds because ADLIB exchange is developed and managed by global standard.

User ID integration – ID Pairing

Have you ever experienced difficulty in pairing user IDs on mobile app and web at the same time? If you utilize ADLIB RAT, you can identify user IDs across mobile app, web and PC display ad, search. This brilliant solution is worked through mocoplex’s ID pairing technology.

Let me introduce ‘ID Pairing’, the most efficient marketing solution for one user playing with multi devices. ID pairing is integration technology that recognizes one user who has IDs on across mobile app, mobile web, PC web. Advertiser can easily expand inventory by using ID pairing technology without additional process resulting in consistent execution of campaign on both of mobile app and web by utilizing campaign data on PC. ID Pairing can be especially effective to e-commerce, mobile game advertisers.

ADLIB ad efficiency analysis solution – RAT (Real time Ad Tracker)

The biggest issue for mobile marketer today is how to analyze efficiency of each media and plan reasonable budgeting behind it. RAT is the tracking solution measuring ad performance by analyzing behavior pattern of mobile app user, mobile web site visitor in real time. RAT basically measures and shows key figures app marketer needs most including install CVR, retention rate, inflow rate by channel. RAT promises the right to use without limits in maximum by allowing user to add more analysis item easily. RAT is the leading technology that can analyze even a tag It provides customized report according to optimized tags different from type of apps to measure performance. RAT can be available not only Mobile app but also PC web as well. It is free to use RAT basic functions. You need only to insert SDK or JAVA script.

Strength of RAT

  • Unbeatable cost saving. Free for basic analysis function.
  • Available across on mobile app, web and PC web.
  • Real time measurement of figures essential for app marketer such as install CVR, inflow rate by channel.
  • Function not to display ad to device app is already installed.
  • Tiny volume less than 100KB
RAT Demo »

ADLIB Products

The biggest issue for mobile marketer today is how to analyze efficiency of each media and plan reasonable budgeting for it.
RAT is the tracking solution measuring ad performance by analyzing behavior pattern of mobile app user, mobile web site visitor in real time.

People face innumerable ads where they never expect.
As more ads appear to us, Innovative advertising is needed for us that can increase engagement while lessen resistance.
Adlib native ad is the advanced type of advertising that can help user’s spontaneous engagement by customizing ad into more fitting one to contents.

ADLIB native ad automatically optimizes ad creative by layout or device. It can also operate many ad contents in a page.
Especially, adlib native ad can be produced in various types such as CPC, CPM, CPV and strongly differentiated in that it has automatic play, on/off function on video ad.

Native Ad

Native Ad

ADLIB native ad can be provided in various types of ad such as CPM, CPC CPV.
Customizing ads in well matched ad types with a variety of contents.
Also, native ad boasts its flexibility enough to be produced in video format.

Video Ad

Video Ad

Video ad emerging as a main stream of mobile ad has 8 times higher eCPM than banner type ad.
ADLIB video ad is firstly released type of video ad in Korea that can play ad automatically when clicking on mobile app simultaneously.


AOM (App One pass Marketing)

ADLIB AOM is the lifecycle package service managing all stages of game app marketing from pre-reservation to boosting, user management. We are confident of increasing organic user acquisition and ROAS as well as entry of top 3 ranking in app market.

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ADLIB banner products help you to achieve 100% of Fill-Rate. (Banner type : General/Interstitial/POP)