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What is ADLIB?

ADLIB started its service as a mediation platform connecting publisher providing media and ad network in 2012.
ADLIB has grown as an integrated ad network providing from ad performance tracking solution ‘RAT’, full service package product of mobile ad, ‘AOM’ to native ad.

ADLIB is the only platform in Korean market providing RTB based DSP and SSP.
Therefore, mocoplex is actively integrating platforms between ADLIB and other global companies’.

ADLIB Ad network

ADLIB, the most rapidly growing integrated ad network is leading mobile industry.
Thousands of publishers and advertisers who selected ADLIB say that they are deeply impressed by outstanding performance and Unwavering customer service.
They always have been trusted and used adlib. The number of users adopting ADLIB continues to increase every day.

ADLIB Statistics

  • 7,200+
  • App
  • ADLIB ad is displayed on 7,200+ apps from 2,200+ publishers
  • 12%
  • Traffic Increase
  • Consistent monthly traffic increase by 12%
  • 80B
  • Monthly Impression
  • 8 billion times of monthly display
  • 27M
  • Monthly Click
  • 27M+ times of monthly clicks
  • 80%
  • Coverage
  • (26M+ of monthly UVs)

Data from ADLIB as at 2015 Apr

Adlib supports many domestic and global inventories. You can simply confirm it through sample project.
In addition, adlib ensures advertisers the most efficient ad campaign with a variety ad products and publishers optimized ad profit.